Simple and accurate approach for solving of nonlinear heat convective-radiative equation in fin by using the collocation method and comparison with HPM and VIM

I. Rahimi Petroudi, D. D. Ganji, Y. Rostamiyan, E. Rahimi, M. Khazayi Nejad

In this letter, Collocation Method(CM) such as analytical technique, which does not need small parameters is used to evaluate the analytical approximate solutions of the nonlinear heat transfer equation. The obtained results from Collocation Method are compared with other analytical techniques such as Homotopy Perturbation Method(HPM) and Variation Iteration Method(VIM). Also, boundary value problem(BVP) is applied as a numerical method for validation. The results reveal that the Collocation Method is very effective, simple and more accurate than other techniques. Also, It is found that this method is a powerful mathematical tool and can be applied to a large class of linear and nonlinear problems arising in different fields of science and engineering specially some heat transfer equations.