Convection heat and mass transfer in a hydromagnetic flow of a micropolar fluid over a porous medium

B. I. Olajuwon, J. I.Oahimire, M. A.Waheed

This study presents a mathematical analysis of a hydromagnetic boundary layer flow, heat and mass transfer characteristics on steady twodimensional flow of a micropolar fluid over a stretching sheet embedded in a non-Darcian porous medium with uniform magnetic field in the presence of thermal radiation. The governing system of partial differential equations is first transformed into a system of non-linear ordinary differential equation using the usual similarity transformation. The resulting coupled non-linear ordinary differential equations are then solved using perturbation technique. With the help of graphs, the effects of the various important parameters entering into the problem on the velocity, temperature and concentration fields within the boundary layer are separately discussed. The effects of the pertinent parameters on the wall temperature, wall solutal concentration, skin friction coefficient and the rate of heat and mass transfer are presented numerically in tabular form. The results obtained showed that these parameters have significant influence on the flow.