Computational analysis of viscous dissipation and joule-heating effects on non-Darcy MHD natural convection flow from a horizontal cylinder in porous media with internal heat generation

V. Ramachandra Prasad, A. Subba Rao, O. Anwar Beg

In the present paper we examine the effects of viscous dissipation, Joule heating and heat source/sink on non-Darcy MHD natural convection heat transfer flow over permeable horizontal circular cylinder in a porous medium. The boundary layer equations, which are parabolic in nature, are normalized into non-similar form and then solved numerically with the well-tested, efficient, implicit, stable Keller-box finite difference scheme. A parametric study illustrating the influence of Darcy parameter (Da), Forchheimer parameter, Grashof number(Gr), heat source/sink parameter and viscous dissipation parameter (Ec) on the fluid velocity, temperature as well as local skin-friction and Nusselt numbers is conducted Increasing Forchheimer inertial drag parameter retards the flow considerably but enhances temperatures. Increasing viscous dissipation parameter(Ec) is found to elevate velocities i.e. accelerate the flow and increase temperatures. Increasing heat source/sink parameter is found to elevate velocities and increase temperatures. Increasing the Grashof number (Gr) is found to elevate the velocity and decrease the temperatures. Local skin friction number is found to be increases with increasing heat source/sink parameter where as Local Nusselt number is found to decrease with increasing heat source/sink parameter.