Temperature boundary layer on a rotating surface - the problem of the constant temperature wall

Miloš D. Pavlović

Introducing the group of Loitskanskii [1] form-parameters and transformations of Saljnikov [2], the set of governing equations of the in compressible laminar temperature boundary layer was transformed in the universal form, with Prandtl number as parameter, for the case of the constant wall temperature. Using the universal results for air (Pr=0.72) the procedure for calculation of the Nusselt number (dimensionless heat transfer coefficient) on the particular contour (airfoil NACA 0010-34) was developed. The dimensionless temperature profiles within the boundary layer were presented also. The parameter of rotation Ω0, as well as Eckert number, was varied, and their influences on the heat transfer from the surface to the working fluid were presented and analyzed.