Ionized gas boundary layer on a porous wall of the body within the electroconductive fluid

Branko R. Obrović, Slobodan R. Savić

This paper investigates the ionized gas flow in the boundary layer, when the contour of the body within the fluid is porous. Ionized gas is exposed to the influence of the outer magnetic field induction Bm = Bm(x), which is perpendicular to the contour of the body within the fluid. It is presumed that the electroconductivity of the ionized gas is a function only of the longitudinal coordinate, i.e. ¾ = ¾(x). By means of adequate transformations, the governing boundary layer equations are brought to a generalized form. The obtained generalized equations are solved in a four-parameter localized approximation. Based on the obtained numerical solutions, diagrams of important physical values and characteristics of the boundary layer have been made. Conclusions have also been drawn.