Spin axioms in relativistic continuum physics

H. J. Herrmann, G. Rückner, W. Muschik, H. H. V. Borzeszkowski

The 24 components of the relativistic spin tensor consist of 3 + 3 basic spin fields and 9 + 9 constitutive fields. Empirically only 3 basic spin fields and 9 constitutive fields are known. This empirem can be expressed by two spin axioms, one of them identifying 3 spin fields, and the other one 9 constitutive fields to each other. This identification by the spin axioms is materialindependent and does not mix basic spin fields with constitutive properties. The approaches to the Weyssenhoff fluid and the Dirac-electron fluid found in literature are discussed with regard to these spin axioms. The conjecture is formulated, that another reduction from 6 to 3 basic spin fields which does not obey the spin axioms introduces special material properties by not allowed mixing of constitutive and basic fields.