Estimates of the Mutual Perturbations in the Orbital Elements of Some Interesting Quasicomplanar Minor Planets

J. Lazović, M. Kuzmanovski

The calculus is performed of the first order perturbations is the motion of one minor planet, produced by another minor planet during their proximity, the conditions begin: the angles between the orbital planes of the given minor planets are under $0^\circ.500$, their proximity (minimum) distances do not exceed 0.000400 AU (60000 km), the perturbing minor planet masses are estimated as being grater than $10^{-13}$ of the solar mass and whose proximity duration is over half a day. The likely perturbing effects indicate that the interactions of the minor planets, taking place during proximity, might well be exploited for a more refined estimates of their masses. It proved that sensible changes appear in $\Omega$, $\omega$ and $M$.