Determining the Basic Motivational Factors of Teachers to Use ICT in Their Teaching Using Factor Analysis

Vasilka Vitanova, Tatjana Atanasova-Pachemska

Most of the countries worldwide have the development of the Information Society as one of their highest priorities. Education is one of the key segments for the promotion and development of the Information Society. The quality of the educational process depends directly on the information application and its communication technologies. A research has been conducted, in order to investigate the factors that affect the motivation of teachers to use ICT in their teaching and maintain the same. The research was carried out through a survey that was completed by 220 teachers from 10 primary schools of the Southeastern region of the Republic of Macedonia. The questionnaire consisted of 21 factors, out of which 10 were positive and 11 were negative motivation factors for using ICT in teaching. A factor analysis was applied to the given motivational factors which uses a large number of initial values in order to arrive to the basic values; in other words, a large number of original variables are used to obtain a small number of factors. In this case, using the factor analysis on the original 21 variables delivered five separate factors. The survey results were analyzed using the program SPSS 19 and Excel. The views of the teachers on the application of ICT in teaching are positive, the negative factors are insufficient to influence them not to use ICT in teaching.