3D modeling based on photographic data

Vesna Stojaković

Photography is a 2-dimensional medium which represents 3-dimensional space, as a central projection on a plane. As it is possible to represent 3D space by a photograph, it is also possible, using mathematical methods, to obtain data about 3-dimensional structures from the data registered on photographs. We used two methods to obtain spatial data from photographs: restitution of perspective image and photogrammetry. For the restitution of an object one photograph is sufficient and that is why this method is used for modeling of objects which do not exist. For the photogrammetry several photographs of the same object are needed and this method is used for existing objects. For 3D modeling of architectural objects which are not accessible or parts of which are ruined restitution and photogrammetry are indispensable methods. Using combination of these two methods we created 3D models of devastated sacral objects in Vojvodina representing their remains and their original form.