The Pythagorean rule and its application, according to a Greek manuscript of the 15th century in Wien


Maria D. Chalkou



The Code 65 (Codex Vindobonensis phil. graecus 65) is made of paper and dates from the 15th century. In this Code (chapters 167–184), included are problems which are solved mainly by the use of the Pythagorean rule or “the rule of skadra” (κανών της σκάδρας), as this was called by the author of the Code. This article contains some chosen problems of chapters 167–184 and their mathematical comments. We tried an interpretative approach of the methods of the Code’s author, as well as comparison of these with the corresponding ones of today, which are taught in the secondary education.The methodologies of finding answers even if in some cases they are not probably used by the mathematicians of the secondary education, as we ascertain from the examples which follow, adequate common factors with those used today in corresponding problems.