Digitisation of Library Resources in Montenegro

Jelena Đurović

The purpose of this paper is to provide an assessment of the current state of digitisation in Montenegrin libraries, which are important memory institutions responsible for preserving cultural heritage. Additionally, this paper offers recommendations for future work in this area. The introduction provides an overview of international initiatives, recommendations and present trends in the field of digital libraries and the digitisation of cultural heritage. The research methodology used in this study includes a tailor-made survey and an analysis of the web pages and annual work reports of the libraries. The study analyses digitisation programmes and projects, selection criteria for library materials, applied techniques and standards for the digitisation process and ways of using and preserving digital materials. The analysis of the gathered data provides an overview that should help libraries and decision-makers to identify obstacles and find optimal solutions to overcome challenges in digitising their rich resources. The paper concludes with recommendations aimed at contributing to the development of digitisation policies for libraries and other cultural heritage institutions. The ultimate goal is for these institutions to take on leading roles in the processes of building information and knowledge-based societies.