War Museum of Niš Under the Open Sky

Dušan Tatić, Radomir S. Stanković, Jovan Stojanović, Marko Jovanović

This paper shows the usage of information technologies for the improvement of a guided tour through historical war monuments of Niš city. This idea titled The War Museum of Niš Under the Open Sky is realized in the open public spaces such as squares and parks in Niš located in the wider city center. For this purpose, two approaches are used to offer a possibility of getting more detailed information about the persons or events to which monuments are devoted. The first approach is realized as a mobile application that can be freely downloaded from the mobile markets such as Google Play and App Store. Upon downloading the application, the visitor has access to all necessary information about monuments on his mobile device. This enables the visitor to inform himself in advance while using Wi-Fi, as well as store the information after the visit. Another solution is realized as a web application that enables the fast display of information at the monument location. This is realized by scanning a QR code that is the part of specially designed plates located in the front of the monument or at a suitable position nearby.