Railway Heritage on the Railway Mala Krsna - Majdanpek

Zoran Cvetković, Ada Vlajić, Rifat Kulenović

In this paper we present some of the findings of our research “Research and documentation of railway heritage on the railway Mala Krsna - Majdanpek". The Mala Krsna - Majdanek railway established the shortest rail link between eastern Serbia, Belgrade and further north. It was built from 1920 to 1958. Since the opening to traffic, there has been no significant reconstruction or modernisation. The main improvement was the replacement of steam engines with diesel engines.The change in traffic trends has greatly reduced the share of this railway in public transport. That is why, in the last decades, some of the railway infrastructure and facilities have been abandoned and remained unprotected. As a result of the above circumstances and future modernisation, it is possible that the old railway facilities and technical infrastructure may disappear permanently.By following the railway, the objective of the project was to identify and document the existing railway heritage, which may be more than 100 years old. The results of the projects can launch and support further research. Finally, the authentic discoveries of today's issues are an urgent call to protect and permanently preserve the existing historical and cultural values of our railway artefacts.