Milena Dobreva

(Institute of Mathematics and Informatics,

Bulgarian Academy of Science)


Nikola Ikonomov

(Institute of Bulgarian Language,

Bulgarian Academy of Scuence)



Presentation of the digicult survey of new technologies in the scientific and cultural heritage sector



Abstract. We present several new information technologies included in a recent survey of the EC-funded DigiCult project. It concentrates on radio frequency identification tags (RFID), innovative human interfaces, games technologies, virtual communities, virtual reality, robotic avatars and mobile communications. These technologies not only help in better organisation of the cultural and scientific heritage institutions, but also imply new forms of interaction with the users. Most of the innovations are still not implemented in our region and we hope that this presentation will raise the interest of the cultural and scientific heritage organisations to them.

Keywords: information technologies, cultural and scientific heritage sector, radio frequency identification tags (RFID), virtual reality, innovative human interfaces, virtual communities, games technologies, tele-presence, mobile communications