"Computers in Your Home" Digital Rebuild: Reviving the Start of the Personal Computer Revolution in Former Yugoslavia

Dejan Ristanović, Voja Antonić, Darko Staničić, Srđan Simić, Jelica Protić

"Computers in Your Home" ("Računari u vašoj kući") is the issue #1 of Computers ("Računari"), the first personal computer magazine in former Yugoslavia. Published in December 1983, "Computers in Your Home" compared the first personal computers available on the market, introduced the readership to the BASIC programing language, but also presented the home computer Galaxy (Galaksija), with the detailed instructions on how to build it. The publication was very successful on the market, it was reprinted several times, selling close to 100,000 copies, and the Galaxy computer was built by more than 9,000 readers. Almost forty years later, the attempt is being made by PC Press publishing company to digitally rebuild this publication, as well as the Galaxy computer itself, using modern technology. The idea is not to just reprint the publication, but to prepare it from scratch, using digital photography and modern-day typesetting, to make the publication which looks just the same in terms of content, but much better in terms of technical quality, thus preserving the unique digital heritage for the future