Railway Heritage of Banat

Zoran Cvetković, Ada Vlajić, Rifat Kulenović

The development of the railway in Banat includes two periods. The Austro-Hungarian period lasted until the middle of the First World War. The largest part of the current Banat railway network was built at that time. The second period started after the war, when Yugoslavia was founded. At that time, the existing railway network on the territory of Yugoslavia, and now Serbia, was expanded by the construction of several more railways. The change in traffic trends has greatly reduced the share of railways in public transport. That is why, in the last decades, mostly of Banat railways has been closed, and the railway infrastructure and facilities have been abandoned and remained unprotected. In this article, we present part of the results of our project “Technical and architectural heritage on the railways of Vojvodina - Banat". Following the Banat railways, the goal of the project was to identify and document the existing railway heritage that is sometimes more than 120 years old.