Digitization of the Journal “Povelja 1971–2020”

Vesna Andrijašević, Ivana Hrenko, Ivan Spasojević

The topic of this paper is the project fulfillment process of digitization of “Povelja” journal, issued by the Public Library “Stefan Prvovenčani” in Kraljevo. This, according to the public opinion in literature, is one of the most important domestic literature journals, which has constantly been issued since 1971. The project “Digitization of the journal Povelja 1971–2020” was implemented within the projects in the field of the cultural heritage and contemporary artwork digitization. It was supported and co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia. The content of the journal was converted from the paper copies to e-texts. All the issues of the journal were scanned chronologically, starting from the first publication in 1971. The given content, in electronic form, was submitted to the process of digitization, i.e. program processing which enables searching of the journal issues according to the specific references (the name of the author, year, notebook/number). This content is uploaded to the web site of the Public Library “Stefan Prvovencani” in order to be available for the broad readership. All the articles of the journal were analytically processed in the collaborative online bibliographic system and service – COBISS. Keywords. Povelja, journal, digitization, digital humanities, the Public Library “Stefan Prvovenčani”