Memorial Issue of the Domaći List: Ilustrovani časopis za narodnu privredu, pouku i zabavu (1890-1893)

Gabrijela Zambo, Vladimir Jerković

The City Library Karlo Bijelicki, through the Digital Library of Serbia portal and the Digital Sombor project presents the chosen corpus, available without any fee or restrictions to the users of the library. In this paper, editors of the memorial issue of the Domaći List present how difficult, on the one side, but also interesting, on the other side is to edit paper from the end of the 19th century and how important to culture is to preserve the memory of the past. The publication of the memorial issue required detailed analysis of all the issues of the Domaći List, beginning with the first issue that was published in 1890 until the last double issue (23/24) from 1893. Publication is planned for this year, along with the digitalizes issues which will be uploaded on the official website of the City Library Karlo Bijelicki.