Digitization of the Book "Principles of Physics" of Vuk Marinković

Žarko Mijajlović, Nadežda Pejović

In this paper we present digitization of a book "Priciples of physics" ("?????? ??????", Belgrade, 1851) written by Vuk Marinkovi?, a prominent Serbian medical doctor and physicist from the middle of the XIX century. This relatively large book is considered as a first Serbian text-book on physics. It is interesting that it was one of the last books published in the old-Serbian language and script. Later text-books were written in modern Serbian in accordance with Vuk Karadži?'s reform. The printed copy of this book belongs to the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. It's digital copy is deposited in the Virtual Library of the Faculty of mathematics, elibrary.matf.bg.ac.rs.