Digitization of Bulgarian Natural Science School Books Published in Belgrade During the Period of National Revival (1806-1878)

Velislava Stoykova

The school books used for teaching natural sciences like mathematics, physics, etc. during the period of Bulgarian National Revival were not very well studied and analysed with respect to their concepts content and to their overall relations to educational system. Recently, a great number of that books is offered in digitized format from several sources which present a structured digitized archive. The paper offers a survey and analysis of Bulgarian natural science school books published in Belgrade during the period of Revival (1806-1878) from digital collection which includes several linked sources. The structure of meta-data scheme of encoding and linking of data which support evaluation of study content and related analysis are presented. The study of three natural science school books published in Belgrade in Bulgarian language during the period of Revival is presented by using their digital copies. The results of that analysis show inconsistency between mathematical concepts and the use of their subsequent terms. Finally, the conclusion about the multi-disciplinary structure of curricula and related subjects studied in natural science school education during period of Revival is presented.