Žički Blagovesnik (Žiča monastery herald of annunciation)

Ana Voštinić

In search for the best solution in the last ten years (in some libraries even longer than that), the process of digitization has established itself as currently the best among the widely available methods for storing the material. It has also instituted itself as an integral part of everyday work, primarily in relation to local history collections. The local history department of the Kraljevo City Library “Stefan Prvovencani” boasts a varied collection of local periodicals, giving a detailed insight into the city and its people’s eventful history. Local newspapers and magazines have established themselves as the most important source of information for (not only) local researchers - pupils, students, scientists, thus becoming a priority in the digitization process. “Žički Blagovesnik” belongs among the most important and most challenging publishing tasks of its kind in many ways. It is a publication of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which was issued on the territory of the Eparchy of Žiča in the period from 1939 to 1941, only to see its publication renewed after a long break in 1997. This paper reviews the old issues (before the World War II) of “Žički Blagovesnik”, with a particular focus on the short history and dynamic of its publication, the structure of the magazine, but also the digitization process it was subjected to, in order to not only protect it, but also make it available to a much wider audience than ever before.