Digitized works of Emilijan Josimović

Žarko Mijajlović, Nadežda Pejović

In this paper we present digitized works of Emilijan Josimović, a respectable 19th century Serbian architect, engineer and professor of mathematics. He is considered as a first Serbian urbanist and in the mid of the sixties of the XIX century he gave a plan pursuant to which the center of Belgrade is reconstructed. He also was the university professor of mathematics, rector of the Grand School, the forerunner of the Belgrade university. He wrote first Serbian university books in mathematics and architecture. It interesting that the books he wrote in the fifties of the XIX century were written in the old-Serbian language and script. His later books were written in modern Serbian in accordance of Vuk Karadžić reform. We digitized six his works, four textbooks in mathematics, one textbook in physics and the proposal of the regulation plan of the city of Belgrade. The printed copies of these books belong to Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Their digital copies are deposited in the Virtual Library of the Faculty of mathematics, elibrary.matf.bg.ac.rs.