Implementing Digitization of Cultural and Scientific Heritage in Dr Archibald Reiss Primary School

Aleksandra Zdravkovic, Marija Segan, Sandra Vujosevic, Milica Lajbensperger, Ivana Djurkovic Djordjevic

This paper presents the first phase of the project activities within the project "Digitarijum: Applying digitization of cultural and scientific heritage in school education" realized in cooperation with primary school "Dr Archibald Reiss" in Belgrade. The authors provide a model for the improvement of teaching and educational work in primary schools involving students and teachers of primary schools in the process of digitization of cultural and scientific heritage. Results and interest of participants supports the authors’ stand that the introduction of multidisciplinary knowledge and new technologies in teaching and educational work motivates participants to take an active role and responsibility in education and personal development.