Virtual Exhibition As a Medium for Presenting Scientific and Cultural Heritage to International Audiences: Đorđe Stanojević - a Rector Who Lit Up Belgrade

Ljubica Ćorović, Vesna Vuksan, Adam Sofronijević

The paper presents the most recent and by many accounts the most successful virtual exhibition of University library Belgrade ``Djordje Stanojević -- A Rector who lit up Belgrade''. Prepared as an instigating exhibition of the virtual exhibition series ``They built Serbia'' that will once a year for Serbia National Day -- February 15th portray prominent people, professors and researchers who achieved great results in the history of the university and Serbian society, the exhibition presents life and achievements of a University of Belgrade professor and rector Djordje Stanojević, a pioneer of electrification and photography and a person of an almost renaissance mind and wide range of scientific and engineering interests. The exhibition consists of short informative texts about main areas of Stanojević activites, digitized collection of his books, a comprehensive bibliography and annotated list of web resources on Stanojević and was prepared by collaboration between University library Belgrade and leading experts from organizations such as Belgrade city library and Faculty of Philology of University of Belgrade. The paper advocates the need for innovative ways to present digital heritage materials and proposes a format of the thematic virtual exhibition as viable and achievable solution for cultural institutions in Serbia and other transitional and developing countries of the region.