Dijana Sabolović-Krajina, Maja Gačan

The aim of this article is to highlight the importance of partnership approach in digitization of local cultural heritage. The Public Library “Fran Galović” Koprivnica has already initiated several digitization projects, and that experience was valuable in creating the digital repository Cultural heritage of Koprivnica through the partnership between the local heritage institutions from Koprivnica and Varaždin: the Public Library “Fran Galović” Koprivnica, the State Archives in Varaždin and the City Museum Koprivnica. A very important partaker in all digitization projects has been the scanning and digitization company ArhivPro that developed, tested and applied new technological solutions. The basic goal of the digital repository Cultural heritage of Koprivnica is to promote the local community unique treasures, protect the library, museum and archival materials, and enable their wide accessibility and easy search of the related data. The digital repository Cultural heritage of Koprivnica, which has been the result of successful partnership of three local organizations, points to the importance of creating local cultural heritage digitization projects by a wide network of collaborations and partnership at the local level (institutions and individuals). This kind of cooperation resulted with a consciousness of the joint contribution and ownership over the final product of digitization in preserving and safekeeping the native identity in an overwhelming globalization processes.