Marija Radin, Vesna Živković

Management of information on cultural heritage is complex process. Nowadays, question is not if data, information and documents about cultural heritage should be digitized, or even how, due to different methods, techniques and technology for digitization available for different file form and format. When planning any digitalization activity we should be thinking in terms of accessibility and exchange of knowledge and not just information. Implementing this policy implies management of a variety data and information in different file format (word, dwg, xls, cdr, psd, jpg, tif, pdf etc.), for a variety of purposes, and for a variety of users with different interests, status and privileges. Solution is development of database system that enables flexible and effective usage of information organized and stored in relational structures as a part of internal and or external management system. This paper will present two projects of the Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade (CIK) as examples of combination of internal and external managment aimed at creating, usage and management of data and information concerning state of cultural heritage toward its conservation. 1. ARTEMIS database for management of conservation documentation in CIK 2. Incident Register for Cultural Heritage in Serbia