Преглед НЦД 22 (2013), 104–111

Tomaž Erjavec

Dept. of Knowledge Technologies,

Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Matija Ogrin

Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies,

ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana, Slovenia




Abstract: The paper presents the eZISS digital library (http://nl.ijs.si/e-zrc/), which currently contains eight critical editions of Slovenian literature, all original works in scholarly editing. Some of the editions represent the most important milestones in the history of the Slovenian language, such as the Freising Manuscripts, the earliest preserved writings in Slovenian and the Škofja Loka Passion Play, the oldest play written in Slovenian. The editions present the text by means of several methods and perspectives, such as digital facsimile, diplomatic transcription, edited text, in some cases translations, glossaries and the like. One of the methodological goals was to distinguish clearly, on the one side, the documentary or diplomatic view of the text from the critical or edited view on the other side. The paper presents the methodology used in the making of these editions, esp. the connection of these methods with the technology of text markup. The encoding of the editions is based on the Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange (TEI), where the technology standards are connected with the classical philological methods of scholarly editing. This approach has proved successful for publishing of the eZISS editions and has led to an increased interest for research and publishing of primary sources of the Slovenian literature.


Keywords: Digital scholarly editions, Slovenian literature, Slovenian language, Text Encoding Initiative