Regatta – Regional Aggregator of Heterogeneous Cultural Artefacts

Emil Hadjikolev, Georgi Vragov, Georgi Totkov, Krassimira Ivanova

This article presents a project which addresses the building of a collection of significant amount of heterogeneous digital materials (presenting a wide range of movable and immovable cultural heritage, e.g. historical buildings, archaeological sites, museum and art galleries objects, etc.). The project has a twofold objective, to make the digital collection usable locally and also to meet the requirements of Europeana for subsequent aggregation. Our approach is based on open access solutions and offers opportunities for personalization of the repository interface. A particular difficulty we had to address was the lack of an aggregator identified for museum and immovable heritage content in Bulgaria, and due to specific conditions of introducing digitization in Bulgarian cultural heritage institutions, aggregation of museum and immovable heritage content is not done on large-scale level.