Ivan Anić
(Matematički fakultet, Beograd)

Gojko Adžić
(Mikro knjiga)

Aleksandar Lipkovski
(Matematički fakultet,Beograd)

Vladimir Milojković
(Markom D.O.O.)


Digital archives for local municipalities in Serbia and Montenegro is a project aimed at removing a major bottleneck in public services originating from ineffective document archiving and management.

Digital archives address several problems: inefficient access to documents leading to long periods of time required for retrieval after requests; ineffective document tracking and management leading to lost or missing documents; inappropriate access control leading to frequent document misuse and unauthorized access; high level of archive decentralization; incompatibility between local archives of different municipalities.

This project will have significant long-term effects on civilians, commercial and non-profit organizations in Serbia and Montenegro. Shortening the document retrieval time from several hours (in some case even measured by days) to nearly instant access will have an enormous impact on the efficiency of local municipal services. Preventing unauthorized access will help implement the rule of law, and reduce the possibility of intentional or unintentional misuse of documents. Finally, by introducing standards and solutions implemented in European Union, the Digital Archives will ensure compatibility and improve cooperation of municipal archives in the region.

This project will also act as a tool for reform of public administration, by producing a long-term digitization strategy for local governmental institutions and providing a good foundation for creating, modifying and updating appropriate local laws.

Center for Digitization has based this project on similar systems implemented in the region. We have already secured the support of federal government, relevant local government institutions, as well as solution providers with extensive experience in similar projects.

Key words: digital archives, local municipality