Digitalization and Audio Mastering (Restoration) in Institute of Artstudies - Sofia

Aleks Nushev

I present a part of our work at the audio archive. Focused on some mastering conceptions and video references, I will try to give you approach how we do “the process”. In this papper I will explain: I.Presentation of existing vinyl's in our archive II.A few words about BAARTI project which is the main financial “backbone”. III.Our hardware (Laser Turntable, hardware ELP declicker with 88 kHz high-grade AD converter, Vacuum Cleaner for LP's, TC Electronics professional ASIO compatible audio interface etc.) IV.The main (last) part is dedicated to the concrete processing applications like Crackle, Hiss and Pops removal, multiband compression, RMS level optimization, pitch correction and similar. The workflow is Samplitude Master Edition supported by Waves Restoration - Mastering plug ins and UAD card with master bundle. The conclusion polemize about the question “Do we need to do all this processing?” or better leave it untouched. Also a few words about audio digital database, data storage, back up and perspective's.