How to Digitalize the Folk Song Archives?

Lozanka Peycheva, Grigor Har. Grigorov

Beyond all question the Folklore song archives must be digitized. The problem is how? From our point of view three tasks must be accomplished. Primarily, the creation of a digital library, which must contain three information massifs: the authentic audio-file, the verbal and the note texts. Secondly, the digitized songs must be supplied with many technical, implicit musical and textual meta-data, which will transform the digital library in database, useful for science researches. On the third place, a specific software must be developed, e.g. an intelligent search program, overcoming the phonetic text records or a program solution, which visualizes the territorial spreading of selected through specific criteria songs on the geographical map. The purpose of the current presentation is to present an expertise on what kind of meta-data must be provided and what kind of software must be produced for the facilitation of the science researches in the fields of the ethnomusicology and the folkloristics.