Digitization of Bulgarian Folk Songs with Music, Notes and Text

Nikolay Kirov

A digitization project for Bulgarian folk songs Information technologies for presentation of Bulgarian folk songs with music, notes and text in a digital library was started last year, joining the efforts of various experts from three institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia University and New Bulgarian University. The research that is carried out under this project is aimed at the development of a technology and corresponding supporting software tools for the creation and usage of heterogeneous institutional digital libraries. The tools will satisfy the needs of the researchers for information technologies in the fields of ethnology, ethnomusicology and folkloristic. In the project frame a technological environment for digitization of notations is created, specially adapted for Bulgarian folk songs. Now a database with notes, lyrics and music is under development. An initial digitization and preservation of the Bulgarian cultural heritage will be carried out by means of digitization and insertion into the system of over 1000 songs that were recorded and written down during the 60s and 70s of XX century.