Online Presence of Meša Selimović's Literary Heritage: Digital Heritage Repository in the Function of Literary and Cultural Studies

Lejla Kodrić, Sanjin Kodrić, Teo Eterović

Potentials of scientific research in general are obviously subject to changes in accordance with current digital information and communication environment, which is capable to give new, advanced performances, or those essentially different from the traditional ones, even in the domain of humanities, including literary studies as well. In this connection, developing a digital heritage repository, as a way of organizing and composing objects of heritage in selected thematic entities, is demanding, but also inspiring possibility in the case of literary heritage as well. The aim of the proposed paper is to examine potentials and advantages of developing a digital repository of Meša Selimović’s literary work. The focused problem is going to be approached in a holistic manner, which means in terms of its practical and cultural values, but also in terms of its feasibility. The authors of the proposed paper are taking interdisciplinary methodological sides, which is caused by the authors’ different academic education and positions within the academic community (library and information sciences, literary history and literary and cultural theory, as well as electrical engineering).