"Virtual Emona" on Dlib.si Using 3d Technologies

Kaja Antlej, Mojca Šavnik, Bernarda Županek, Kristjan Celec

Digital Library of Slovenia - dLib.si is a web portal for free accessing to digital and digitized library materials and virtual exhibitions. This paper is describing the use of 3D technologies in development and preparation of exhibition Virtual Emona. The title is related to Roman settlement Emona (Colonia Iulia Emona), which was located on a place, where present city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is lying today. Content of the exhibition in 3D form will be public accessible on dLib.si and it will be linked to other resources about Emona on the same web portal. The beginning phase of the project includes 3D digitization of the model of archaeological site NUK II and 3D digitization of some artefacts, found on the mentioned site. NUK II consists of four Emona’s insulas (building blocks) and crossing of two roads between them; under the road which ran in direction E-W, laid a cloaca. In late Roman period three of four researched insulas (XVII, XIII, XXVII) were thermal city baths. The project of Virtual Emona was formed in cooperation with the owner of dLib.si web portal, National and University Library of Slovenia, Museum and galleries of Ljubljana, which keeps and interprets archaeological artefacts, and with 3D technologies implementator, IB-PROCADD company. Virtual exhibition is already in realization process.