Marija Bogdanović, Nenad Jeremić

The project Serbian retrospective bibliography of books for the period from 1868 to 1944 has been run by the National Library of Serbia from 1954 until today. Holdings of over 100,000 bibliographic items published in 20 volumes contain information about each book that was published in that period. The idea of digitalization of materials i.e. conversion to electronic form and creating a program that will allow to search material by larger number of parameters, originated from the Bibliography department of the National Library of Serbia, which is the main carrier of this project since 2002. The whole idea was to create a database serving primarily as a program to enter and edit the author and subject heading of the printed edition of a bibliography, and also to make an export of data to a user request, as well as to resolve links from the bibliography units to the scanned images of the printed Bibliography on the server. Software solution includes the MySQL database and PHP scripting language to communicate with the database. Linking scanned printed material and the possibility of online searches are the basic qualities of a software solution that is available online [1].