Digitization of the Non-book Material and Cultural and Public Activities of the Public Library Bor: Effects and Implementation of New Projects

Dragan Stojmenović

In the introduction, this paper will be the survey of the sources’ potentiality for digitization, so as of the preparations, concepts and methodology of managing of the project. Further, I will demonstrate and analyize previous results and effects of this project, and I will describe the effects of the promoting campaign in the local community, so as the plans for presentation and uses of the digitalized materials. In the conclusion, new projects of the Departemnet of the Local Collection will be described, „Alternative urbanisation in the eyes of the Others“, the project that will be founded on the previously digitized materials as its base, and that will induce the production of new visual materials. Beside this project mentioned above, there is another, which should be some sort of implementation of the project of digitization in the public space, and which aims, apart from the presentation of the digitized material, at making people aware of the existance of the special tradition of visual documentation of all aspects of the public life in Bor.