3D Scanning at Vinča – a Solution for Conservation and Study of Cultural Heritage

Nenad Tasić, Goran Stepanović

We concentrate on the problems of conservation and presentation of the vertical section of the site of Vinca near Belgrade. This important archaeological site is endangered by numerous threats. The nature of this object, almost 300 meters long and more than 9 meters high, composed mainly of eolian sediments and deposits of human activities, makes it unstable and succeptable to deterioration, which prompts for immediate action. The first stage has been recording of the present state of the object. A 3D scanning of the section has been performed on a larger part of this section. This enables present-day and future researchers not only to observe the vertical section of the site, but also to make measurements and perform virtual research at the part of the site which will be conserved with a massive land ramp.