Modeling City Hall's Façade Using Laser Scanning Technology

Vladimir,Pajić, Dušan,Jovanović, Miro,Govedarica

This paper describes concepts related to facade modeling based on laser scanning. The City Hall of Novi Sad was chosen as object of interest. City Hall’s facade scanning was performed using Leica ScanStation scanner. Scans were taken from three different locations to acquire all pieces of the facade. A GPS receiver was used to measure coordinates of three different points on the facade, so that the scans may be georeferenced later in the process. At the end of scanning process there were three point clouds which represented front, the west and east parts of the City Hall’s facade. Further, Leica Cyclone 5.7 was used to process point clouds. The point clouds were processed to remove all the points that did not belong to the facade. Refined point clouds were exported in DXF and 3DS formats and visualized in Leica Virtual Explorer Architect.