Serbian Virtual Observatory

Darko,Jevremović, Milan S.,Dimitrijević, Luka Č.,Popović, Miodrag,Dačić, Vojislava,Protić Benišek, Edi,Bon, Vladimir,Benišek, Dragana,Ilić, Anđelka,Kovačević, Miodrag,Malović

We review the newly established project of Serbian Virtual Observatory. In the last few years Virtual Observatories are becoming a new concept in the world of astronomy. The main aim of Virtual Observatories is to make accessible astronomical data to astronomers regardless of their geographical location as well as provide them with tools for analysis. The project of Serbian Virtual Observatory aims to achieve the following goals: 1) establishing SerVO and join the EuroVO and IVOA 2) establishing SerVO data Center for digitizing and archiving astronomical data obtained at Serbian observatories 3) inclusion of BelData/STARK-B and other theoretical and simulated data in SerVO 4) development of tools for visualization of data