Isa Bey's Tekija in Sarajevo. Reviving the Reminiscence of the Past

Selma,Rizvić, Aida,Sadžak, Anis,Zuko

Isa-Bey's Tekija is the oldest institution in the city of Sarajevo. It was built before 1462 and first mentioned in the endowment document of Isa Bey Ishakovic, the founder of the city. Today it does not exist any more. The final destruction of this object was done in 1957. The project of the virtual reconstruction using computer graphics techniques and multimedia internet presentation has a goal of reviving this important symbol of the past at least in our memory. This paper is describing the first phase of the project, the remarkable response of the public and the plans for the second phase. This project confirms the importance of virtual cultural heritage applications.