Neda Jevremovic

(National Museum, Belgrade)


Successfulness of the museum is today determined by its educational, social and economic effects in the milieu where it exists. Marketing, publishing, presentation along with information are the new qualities of museum activity. Museum communication under the pretext of presentation is the first-class process of comprehension yet in that process museum does not use up its function but achieves exceptional social significance.

Presentation of museum collection is an obligation and without it is hard to imagine functioning of the institutions that have such important tasks of establishing continuity between past, present and future.

Representation of constant values of cultural heritage establishes and develops adequate relation to cultural heritage and in that way develops global historical conscience.

Presentation of our cultural heritage is remarkable undertaking that makes possible not only professional and scientific investigations but also information of general public about contents and genuine value our great treasuries of rich cultural heritage.

The best method of presentation is certainly digitization of national cultural and scientific heritage. In that way we fulfill the obligation we have for the future generations and at the same time we join the international community. We also reach the desired result that is affirmation of national heritage by way of its active, modern presentation as inseparable component of Balkan, European and global cultural heritage