MATEMATIČKI VESNIK is a research journal published since 1949 by the Mathematical Society of Serbia - Serbia and Montenegro. The journal publishes original papers in mathematical sciences and, in general, is published quarterly.

MATEMATIČKI VESNIK is also being published electronicaly in the ELibEMS (Electronic Library of the European Mathematical Society) and can be obtained through

Manuscripts, in their final form and prepared in accordance with the instructions provided below, should be sent to

Društvo matematičara Srbije
Kneza Mihaila 35/IV
p.p. 791
11000 Beograd
Serbia and Montenegro


Articles sent for publication in Matematički Vesnik have to be in their final form. We encourage the authors to submit their papers electronicaly to vesnik\ Alternatively, three hard copies can be submitted to the address given above. Articles are published in one of the languages: English, French, Russian or German. A short descriptive title should be followed by an abstract, not exceeding 150 words, which can be read independently of the paper. This should be followed by the AMS Subject Classification Code. The institutional affiliation and complete address (including e-mail if possible) of each author should appear at the bottom of the page. The length of the paper should not exceed 16 pages in its final form. Illustrations and diagrams, prepared in a form suitable for direct reproduction must be submitted on separate sheets. Citations should refer to an alphabetical bibliography at the end of the paper. The style should conform to one of those in the recent issues of this journal. The publisher encourages submission of manuscripts written in TeX. On acceptance of the paper, authors will be asked to send PC-discette, or transmit the file by electronic mail to the address given at the beginning of this file.

The annual price for 2004 is 40 US\$. The journal can be ordered through the agency

ARETA Corporation
Topoloska 8/I
11000 Beograd
Serbia and Montenegro
tel/fax 381 11 436348