A New Method to Solve Dual Systems of Fractional Integro-Differential Equations by Legendre Wavelets

Razieh Kavehsarchogha, Reza Ezzati, Nasrin Karamikabir, Farajollah Mohammadi Yaghobbi

The method that will be presented, is numerical solution based on the Legendre wavelets for solving dual systems of fractional integro-differential equations (FIDEs). First of all we make the operational matrix of fractional order integration. The application of this matrix is transforming FIDEs to a system of algebric equations. By this changing, we are able to solve it by a simple solution. In this way, the Legendre wavelets and their operator matrix are the most important keys of our solution. After explaining the method we test on some illustrative examples which numerical solutions of these examples demonstrate the validity and applicability of suggested method.