Curvature Properties of Generalized pp-Wave Metrics

Absos Ali Shaikh, Tran Quoc Binh, Haradhan Kundu

The main objective of the present paper is to investigate the curvature properties of generalized pp-wave metrics. It is shown that a generalized pp-wave spacetime is Ricci generalized pseudosymmetric, 2-quasi-Einstein and generalized quasi-Einstein in the sense of Chaki. As a special case it is shown that pp-wave spacetime is semisymmetric, semisymmetric due to conformal and projective curvature tensors, $R$-space by Venzi and satisfies the pseudosymmetric type condition $P\cdot P = -\frac{1}{3}Q(S, P)$. Again we investigate the sufficient condition for which a generalized pp-wave spacetime turns into pp-wave spacetime, pure radiation spacetime, locally symmetric and recurrent. Finally, it is shown that the energy-momentum tensor of pp-wave spacetime is parallel if and only if it is cyclic parallel. Again the energy momentum tensor is Codazzi type if it is cyclic parallel but the converse is not true as shown by an example. Finally, we make a comparison between the curvature properties of the Robinson-Trautman metric and generalized pp-wave metric.