The math portals

Ljubica Diković, Dušan Stefanović

Learning portals allow users to learn just what they need to learn, when they need to learn it, and from wherever they can learn it, and how they can choose objects in the order they desire, or perhaps choose between different ways to learn the same information? Math portals represent a new dimensions of mathematics education for teachers and students, which offers a large collection of math lesson plans, resources, and links to other web sites. Also, the math portals are designed to help local schools to understand the issues and challenges available for dramatically improving mathematics instruction so that all students can learn. The Internet contains wonderful resources but without guidance, can be hard to find. The aim of the work is to systematically point out to existing mathematical resources on Net and some good mathematics sites, and show that learning maths can be efficient and effective as traditional approach. Finally, new trends in technology and learning are shown. This work considers several of these trends, which are especially important for the future development of e-learning.