Analysis of Injection Molding for Computer Cooling Fans by Taguchi Method and Grey Relational Analysis

Chi-Hung Lo

Various factors affect the quality of a plastic product during the injection molding process. In this study, the quality engineering planning method, Taguchi Method, and grey relational analysis were used in this study to determine these factors and the Moldflow Plastics Insight (MPI) was used to conduct the moldflow analysis. By varying different types of operating conditions, the results obtained from the experiments were analyzed so as to verify the influence of each factor on the quality of the final product. The optimal processing parameters which can reduce the mold tryout time and the analysis cost were then determined. The plastic impeller of a computer cooling fan is selected as the case study and the goal is to resolve the warping problems. The deviations in the shear stress distribution as obtained by varying the S/N ratio of variance factors during the experiments are in agreement with the results of analyzing the grey information relational degrees. The most influential factor is the mold temperature, followed sequentially by the fill time, fill pressure, and melt temperature.