Spectral Radius and Traceability of Connected Claw-Free Graphs

Bo Ning, Binlong Li

Let $G$ be a connected claw-free graph on $n$ vertices and $\bar G$ be its complement. Let $\mu(G)$ be the spectral radius of $G$. Denote by $N_{n-3,3}$ the graph consisting of $K_{n-3}$ and three disjoint pendent edges. In this note we prove that: (1) If $\mu(G)\geq n-4$, then $G$ is traceable unless $G=N_{n-3,3}$. (2) If $\mu(\bar G)\leq\mu(\overline{N_{n-3,3}})$ and $n\geq 24$, then G is traceable unless $G=N_{n-3,3}$. Our works are counterparts on claw-free graphs of previous theorems due to Lu et al., and Fiedler and Nikiforov, respectively.