On the Unified Family of Generalized Apostol-Type Polynomials of Higher Order and Multiple Power Sums

Veli Kurt

In last last decade, many mathematicians studied the unification of the Bernoulli and Euler polynomials. Firstly Karande B. K. and Thakare N. K. in [6] introduced and generalized the multiplication formula. Ozden et. al. in [14] defined the unified Apostol-Bernoulli, Euler and Genocchi polynomials and proved some relations. M. A. Ozarslan in [13] proved the explicit relations, symmetry identities and multiplication formula. El-Desouky et. al. in ([3], [4]) defined a new unified family of the generalized Apostol--Euler, Apostol--Bernoulli and Apostol--Genocchi polynomials and gave some relations for the unification of multiparameter Apostol-type polynomials and numbers. In this study, we give some symmetry identities and recurrence relations for the unified Apostol-type polynomials related to multiple alternating sums.