A Decomposition of some Types of Mixed Soft Continuity in Soft Topological Spaces

Ahu Açikgöz, Nihal Arabacioğlu Taş, Takashi Noiri

In this paper, we study the concept of soft sets which is introduced by Molodtsov [5] and the notion of soft continuity is introduced by Zorlutuna et al. [8]. We give the definition of $(\tau_1,\tau_2)$ - semi open soft ( resp. $(\tau_1,\tau_2)$ - pre open soft, $(\tau_1,\tau_2)-\alpha$ - open soft, $(\tau_1,\tau_2)-\beta$ - open soft) set via two soft topologies. We introduce mixed semi - soft (resp. mixed pre - soft, mixed $\alpha$ - soft, mixed $\beta$ - soft) continuity between two soft topological spaces $(X,\tau_1,A),(X,\tau_2,A)$ and a soft topological space $(Y,\tau,B)$. Also we prove that a function is mixed $\alpha$ - soft continuous if and only if it is both mixed pre - soft continuous and mixed semi - soft continuous.