A Note on Soft Near-Rings and Idealistic Soft Near-Rings

Aslihan Sezgin, Akin Osman Atagün, Emin Aygün

Molodtsov introduced the theory of soft sets, which can be seen as an effective mathematical tool to deal with uncertainties, since it is free from the difficulties that the usual theoretical approaches have troubled. In this paper, we apply the definitions proposed by Ali et al. [M. I. Ali, F. Feng, X. Liu, W. K. Min and M. Shabir, On some new operations in soft set theory, Comput. Math. Appl. 57 (2009), 1547{1553] to the concept of soft near-rings and substructures of soft near-rings, proposed by Atag\"{u}n and Sezgin [A.O. Atag\"{u}n and A. Sezgin, Soft Near-rings, submitted] and show them with illustrating examples. Moreover, we investigate the properties of idealistic soft near-rings with respect to the near-ring mappings and we show that the structure is preserved under the near-ring epimorphisms. Main purpose of this paper is to extend the study of soft near-rings from a theoretical aspect.